Handling of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

Before registering, please confirm the following Privacy Policy terms. If you agree, please check the "I agree to the above terms" box and proceed to the New Registration screen.

At the 85th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, the personal information provided for registration will be handled appropriately, in accordance to the following rules. In addition, we will appoint a Personal Information Manager to handle the acquired information and take proactive safety measures to prevent it from being lost or leaked.

  1. The Purpose of Using Your Personal Information
    (1)The personal information provided during the registration will be used to register the participant for the Meeting, to conduct various related management operations, to contact the participant in the case of emergency, and when necessary, to conduct questionnaire surveys and compile the final report.
    (2)In regard to the occupation/specialization area information, the information provided during the registration will be used not only to ascertain participants’ expertise, but also to analyze session participation and booth visit data from the standpoint of occupation/specialization areas, which would lead to an improvement of academic meetings organization in the future. In addition, we may disclose the results of the analysis to the sponsor companies and related entities, and use the data as a reference for the organization of sponsored seminars, company exhibition, and so on. In any of these cases, we will leave any and all personally identifiable information (name, membership number, contact information) out before conducting the analysis and disclosing the results. This approach has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Japanese Circulation Society.
    (3)The information may only be used within the scope outlined in items (1) and (2) above.
  2. Shared Use of Your Personal Information
    The personal information we receive may be used by the Japanese Circulation Society as well as Society’s subcontractor Convention Linkage, Inc., for the purposes outlined above. In addition, your personal information may be partly shared with an external contractor or a partner company for the purposes outlined above, however, in any case we will make sure that the information is managed appropriately by supervising the process.
  3. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
    Except for the provisions of law and regulations and the protection of important interests such as the lives, health and property of customers and the public, we will not provide the received personal information to any third parties.
  4. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, etc. of Personal Information
    We will reference, correct and/or delete the personal information we have received based on the prescribed procedure only when we can confirm that it is a request from the registrant themselves or an agent authorized by the registrant, and that this request has a valid reason. However, the minimum personal information required for operations cannot be deleted.
  5. Consent and Disagreement Regarding the Handling of Personal Information
    If you agree with this explanation, please click on the “I agree to the above terms” button below to proceed to the registration screen. If you do not agree, you will not be able to register for the Meeting.
  6. Registrant’s Consent to the Handling of Personal Information
    In regard to personal information provided during a registration made by an authorized agent, choosing to agree with this explanation as is stipulated in item 5 above also includes that the registrant has been made aware of the terms outlined in items 1 to 5 above either by a notification or an official announcement.

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